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Do you raise goats? Many back-yard farmers find that having milking goats is a great option for their families. Try feeding our 14% Dairy Feed, which was designed for lactating animals.

The ingredients are: Rolled Barley, Rolled Corn, Rye Grass Pellet, D44 pellet (vegetable protein pellet), and dry molasses. It comes in at 14% protein.

Another popular option is at 50/50 mix of Rolled Corn and Rolled Barley. While the protein isn’t as high as the Dairy Feed (the 50/50 mix is around 10% protein) it still adds a good variety to your goat’s diet.

Buy in bulk and save!

Bring your own rigid container, such as garbage cans, barrels or other large buckets. If you want 1000 lbs or more, kindly let us know in advance so you don’t have to wait around.
Want it in a tote bag? We can do that! Call ahead to have your tote ready to pick up.


About our Feed:

Our products are made with all-natural ingredients that are fresh and healthy for your livestock. We do not use animal bi-products, feather or meat meal, nor do our products contain chemicals or pesticides. We make batches of our standard animal feed mixes at least once, sometimes twice per week so you know that you are getting consistently fresh feed.


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